Wednesday, 24 April 2013

the new power supply puts too much wattage through one of the resistors and it uhh well causes problems. so i had to redo the resistor layout which i will finish tomorrow. on a more positive note, ive got the bluetooth dongle in and i've managed to get the apple wireless keyboard paired but for some reason i cant get the magic trackpad to pair. the magic mouse works, but no juice on the trackpad. anyways i might have to just not use a trackpad.

Monday, 22 April 2013

i got mad at the magsafe being sketchy at best so i hacked my own and it works great! outputs 20v instead of 16 but thats a minor detail that i will remedy by changing a couple of resistors on the charging circuit. it looks kinda not so amazing but im over it. point being, there is not an ounce of sketch in this it just charges without any hassle so yay!
(wow i didnt realize how bad that pic was)
well today has been a very busy day!

i had to replace the battery because i broke one of the terminals and couldnt repair it (whoops) anyways this one is probably better actually because its a bit smaller. also pictured below is ive added a UV LED as the power indicator for the 5v out. im going to make all the LED indicators UV. why? because its awesome thats why! like Cave Johnson said, "science isnt about why, its about why not!" anyways im getting off track. you cant really tell its UV but it is. also it seems i've misplaced the picture of the new battery so ill upload that tomorrow

Thursday, 18 April 2013

so good news i've got the charger working! i plug in the magsafe and that works too yay so the next thing im going to have to do is make a cable to connect from the power supply too the pi and one for the usb hub. pics below of my success!

so many alligator clips. 

i love my TO-220s. also i got those sweet solid top caps from a dead motherboard. they work though so yay!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

hey there again internet, its been a long couple days working on the power supply. i've built one already, but it hasnt worked because 1. my board design was flawed and 2. one of the 7805's was defective (naturally) anyways so ive designed and printed off a new board. this one is double layer, its only the second two layer board ive make and i'm pretty proud of the alignment on it. i've also figured out the magsafe pin configuration and applied that to the new board.

pics below of my progress, stay tuned!
(the values on this one are wrong for the 317 circuit just a heads up)

ps: tomorrow ill post more pics of the board (assuming this one works)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hey internet! i've updated to what i think is a better layout. tomorrow when i get to school ill be able to build the power supply board. im also going to have to double up on the 5v regulators to compensate for the extra current that the new USB hub is going to pull. ive also bought a bluetooth apple keyboard and trackpad!

Friday, 12 April 2013

finally got on the internet and did updates! tomorrow im going to print off templates! stay tuned!